Adobe Marketing Cloud (Omniture)

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) (CQ5)

Adobe Campaign (Neolane)

Adobe Scene7

Adobe Digital Publishing Solution

Adobe Livefyre


  • AEM Developer - Designed and developed, CQ5 building blocks including templates, reusable components, dialogs, widgets, workflows in AEM 6. Worked on many front-end bug fixes. Development of dynamic web pages, landing pages, category landing pages.

  • Designed an Ecommerce platform (Day CQ (5.6.1), AEM 6.1, Core Java and J2EE) to provide customers and channel partners with a better online experience and to improve brand recognition, increase sales, and offer a seamless customer experience across various access devices (computers, tablets, and mobiles).


  • Worked with leadership, project managers and key stakeholders from multiple teams. Worked closely with UX, Front End Developers and Engineering teams. Set up QA process that included automated and manual testing for the Small Business team. Develop holistic dashboards and reporting using Adobe Workspace and Excel.

Project Managers

  • Managed full life cycle implementation of digital transformation program, consisting of new site development, using an Adobe CQ based platform, ISAM security implementation, and integration with backend legacy systems. 

  • Designed a full life cycle engagement to consolidate microsites using AEM. Provided and lead solutions around various types of AEM implementations such as headless CMS, microsites. 

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